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Tatiana Strauss

Tatiana grew up all over the place: she began in London to a free-spirited French-Russian mama; to an unknown father; gained a bountiful new daddy six months in. At five, she could be found living by candlelight with her anarchist uncle in his freezing Welsh farmhouse—along with her now single mother and little sister, loosely part of a predominantly English hippy community—in which the three were to relocate quite a bit. Aged eleven saw her coming to ramble the tamer agricultural landscapes of both Norfolk and Suffolk—herself untamed, though covertly. She attended at least seven schools, moving a minimum of twelve times from birth to end of school years—it isn’t easy to be sure.


Tatiana moved back to London at eighteen, later married a beautiful man and artist, with whom she spent twenty-four years—until he suddenly left his body in 2015. She presently lives with herself and her tortoiseshell familiar, Oishi Panku, and has an expanding wellspring of fantastic friends.

She has six siblings, four from her mother, two from her adopted father’s side.

Tatiana Strauss is a literary fiction author and ceramicist. She set up her publishing company, Lotus Books, in 2021, some years after completing her MA in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia. She has a daily meditation practice. And lives in communion with nature, with a greater something, and an ever-landing awareness she is a part of the whole.

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